The delicious, renowned and full flavoured beers brewed at Ryedale Brewing are now available in bottles!

The complete selection of Ryedale beers are unfiltered and unfined, conditioned in the bottle and Vegan friendly. We cap and label our bottles by hand, ensuring tender love and care go into each 330ml bottle.

Unfined beer is – wait for it – beer without finings. Whilst also not generally Vegan friendly, finings can remove some of the flavour by forming clumps which settles the beer quicker. Our bottled beer does not contain ‘Finings’, so maintains a fuller flavour and stays Vegan happy!

Also, these are ‘Bottle Conditioned’. Meaning that we allow the yeast to naturally carbonate the beer instead of carbonating it artificially. As the active yeast remains in a bottle-conditioned beer, it continues to develop and age ever so slightly over time. This makes bottle conditioned beer perfect for aging, as it will continue to mature, much like a fine wine.

With all our brewing skill taken into account, the last bit is up to you! When pouring your Ryedale beer it’s recommended that you take care to avoid pouring the last bit with the yeast into your glass. Then, you’ll be rewarded with a taste sensation!

To find out more simply ‘Contact Us’.